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Alibaba Had Another Big Singles Day. The Party May Not Last.

The company’s methods for ginning up excitement have come under scrutiny before. Two years ago, Alibaba said that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating it for the way it reports Singles Day sales. The company’s preferred metric, gross merchandise value, is supposed to represent the amount of ...

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How to Date a Lot of Billionaires

After years of romances with a series of fabulously wealthy Nigerian boyfriends, the flamboyant Canadian sisters Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo needed somewhere to store the pricey spoils of their dating careers. So they converted a bedroom in their Toronto home into a large walk-in closet that resembles a luxury boutique. ...

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Facebook to Drop Forced Arbitration in Harassment Cases

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook said on Friday that it would no longer force employees to settle sexual harassment claims in private arbitration, making it the latest technology company to do away with a practice that critics say has stacked the deck against victims of harassment. Facebook acted one day after ...

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The Week in Tech: Social Media Faces Another Election Test

Crazy, right? Not so fast, says my colleague Kevin Roose. We shouldn’t be letting Facebook off the hook so easily. It was months of pressure that made Facebook take disinformation issues seriously. Just because we made it through the midterms without a significant impact from disinformation doesn’t mean meddlers won’t ...

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Tech C.E.O.s Are in Love With Their Principal Doomsayer

Mr. Harari, who has a Ph.D. from Oxford, is a 42-year-old Israeli philosopher and a history professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The story of his current fame begins in 2011, when he published a book of notable ambition: to survey the whole of human existence. “Sapiens: A Brief History ...

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