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Why the Google Walkout Was a Watershed Moment in Tech

“We have an incredibly engaged group of people, and we aren’t going to stop escalating this,” she continued. “The group isn’t really going to back down from this or a host of other things. The walkout was not like a blowing-off-steam exercise.” The walkout was sparked by a specific grievance: ...

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What We Don’t Know About Amazon’s Split HQ2

States, cities and counties often run their own incentive programs, each with different requirements. New York State, for example, provides tax credits to employers that move to certain parts of boroughs beyond Manhattan. Many experts expect large deals like this to come with offerings that would require state legislative approval. ...

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You Already Email Like a Robot — Why Not Automate It?

In 1996, Microsoft unleashed Clippit, better known as Clippy, on users of Microsoft Office. The legendarily irritating mascot-helper spent the following years hovering around the edges of documents, blinking dumbly under his lascivious eyebrows and blurting out, “It looks like you’re writing a letter,” until he was sidelined by the ...

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Visions of a Tech Hub? Landing Amazon Is Just a Start

When Amazon announced plans to build a second headquarters somewhere in North America, it set off a competition for a sort of new-economy golden ticket, a chance for one city to become, almost overnight, a magnet for the high-paying jobs and entrepreneurial spark that are hallmarks of urban success in ...

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